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  1. Hi Wanda,

    I came across your Wanda Sanchez page while searching for veteran’s organizations to reach out to about mesothelioma awareness. Thanks so much for all that you and your hard-working organization are offering for those who are in need of the resources. My grandfather served in Korea, and I know that if he were still alive today, how appreciative he would be of a site like yours.

    I contacted you because I’m the Director of Outreach at the Mesothelioma Veterans Center. My goal is to reach veterans and their families who have been affected by mesothelioma and connect them to our website which offers free veteran specific resources and support. 1/3 of all mesothelioma patients are veterans, since 2004 over 5,000 veterans have died from mesothelioma. The reason this cancer targets so many veterans is because of the prevalence of asbestos use in the military in the past. A large part of our mission is to help spread awareness to veterans and their families.

    I noticed you have a link for health related resources, here – http://wandasanchez.com/resources/ . I think our Veteran’s Page would be a great addition and benefit to your users. Do you mind including our link as well?


  2. Hello Wanda!

    My name is Stephanie Cozzolino. I met you in the War Chest Boutique last year! I wanted to reach out to you becuase I briefly talked to you about my book but it is finally completed! So here is a little bit more about me.

    My passion is reaching those who are bound and bogged down not able to live in the freedom that God intended us to. I once was a very hurt child and young adult because of abuse that I suffered from not once… but twice. I in turn also hurt many others including myself in the process. That was all until God stepped into my life through people that were planted in my path to sow seeds of life and grace that created a harvest in my heart.

    I want to share my very transparent story so that others may also BreakFREE from whatever is holding them back whether it’s shame, condemnation, guilt, unforgiveness and the lies of the enemy. This is important to me so that they can BreakOUT and be all that God intended them to be. I want to bring a message of Hope to real people dealing with real issues that others may be afraid to talk about. There is something for everyone in My Father & I.

    I live by the phrase “RescuED people Rescue people.” I believe that when God himself comes into your life and sets you free that you should want nothing more than to see others set free and redeemed in the same way. That is what I live for!

    Below you will find a couple of reviews of my book. My book is also available on Amazon.com or through my website stephaniecozzolino.com where you can also learn more about me and what I stand for. I would love to send a copy of my book. I pray that this touches your heart opening a door that only God could open so that I may play a small role in helping to set the captives FREE. I look forward to hearing from you, thank you and God Bless!

    “After reading Stephanie’s book, My Father and I, there was a sense of hope and victory that was so obviously felt. I was so honored to edit this piece because Stephanie’s story, though it is marred by sexual abuse, hardship, and disappointment, reflects God in all of His glory. I think it’s easy to get bogged down by what hurts us most, and rightfully so, but Stephanie’s story includes a refreshing reminder that God is above all, and there is nothing He can’t redeem. I applaud Stephanie for being brave and bold as she publishes this book, hopefully encouraging others with similar stories to reach ultimate healing and freedom in Christ.”

    “In the book My Father & I, author Stephanie Cozzolino invites us to become truly free from what prevents us from experiencing God’s
    best for our lives. As she shares her personal stories of pain and triumph, you will be inspired to break the chains of your past – once and for all.
    Readers will be motivated to dig deep into hidden areas within their own lives where God is seeking to turn the ashes into beauty.
    This book will give you a new perspective on our heavenly Father and how His love and grace will never run out on us. ”

    Amy Ford — Author of A Bump in Life, President & Co-Founder of Embrace Grace


    Stephanie Cozzolino

  3. Hi, Wanda, my wife was cleaning out her room from books that have accumulated over the years. She came across “Love Letters from the Edge.” I browsed through quite a bit of it. I do a lot of reading and studying and have become quite convinced that the teaching of Hell is one of the greatest obstacles to people really breaking through to unconditional love. Church tradition has taught for 1600 years that most of mankind is going to rot in a place of everlasting punishment. I wonder if you broke through during your writings and have found that this teaching of Hell is false; that there are Bible translations out now that don’t have the word Hell in them from cover to cover and are still accurate to the original Greek and Hebrew. I’m curious about what you have or haven’t studied on this most important subject. Thank you, Gary Amirault, Tentmaker Ministries http://www.tentmaker.org

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