words-12Over the past three years, God’s nudged me into the role of speaker and consultant, using my story of healing from a life of trauma and abuse to bring hope to women across the nation.

I’m a national speaker for Daughters of Destiny women’s Prison Ministry. Daughters of Destiny equips, trains, and empowers volunteers to reach and disciple incarcerated women while in prison and after release. They help inmates and those released find new life in Jesus Christ.

As co-founder of PTSDPerspectives.org, I also speak to and consult with professional organizations across the nation.

My first book, Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Life, was selected as a recommended reading resource by The Gathering on Mental Health in the Church, which was held in April of 2014 at Shadow Mountain Church. It has also been blessed with endorsements from a broad spectrum of mental health professionals, spiritual leaders, and media personalities who recognize the increasing need for tools, resources, and outreaches that address the needs of the broken and hurting.




Women’s Issues and Spiritual Growth:

Love Letters from the Edge: Things God Longs for You to Know

Love Letters from the Edge Conferences (with co-author Shelly Beach)

Single or multi-day events

 Hope in My Pocket: The Wanda Sanchez Story

The Hope Bucket:  The God Who Comes Running

When You Don’t Want to Forgive: Finding Grace that Overflows


Trauma and PTSD:

The Face of PTSD in the Pew: Five Reasons Every Church Should
Understand about Trauma

PTSD training seminars tailored for your organization (CEUs optional)


Writer’s Conferences

Prodigals, Prisons, and Perps: Writing Real about the Tough Stuff in Life


Please note: We are currently booking Love Letters events. Please contact us as soon as possible
to secure your dates.

May 3                         Daughters of Destiny Women’s Prison Outreach Event

Everett, WA


May 6-9                      Los Angeles Area Ministries TBD

Los Angeles, CA


May 19                       Grace Bible College
Grand Rapids, MI      PTSD and Love Letters from the Edge


May 27-31                 Intensive Trauma Therapy Collaborative
Morgantown, WV


June 18-21                Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s Conference

Cedar Falls, IA


September                 Daughters of Destiny Women’s Prison Outreach Event

Shakopee, MN


October 15-20           Multiple events in San Diego TBD

San Diego, CA             Love Letters from the Edge


December 12-13       Daughters of Destiny Women’s Prison Outreach Event

Los Angeles, CA          Collaborative events with area ministries

Love Letters from the Edge


SELECTED PLACES I’ve been privileged to speak:


            The Manasseh Project on Human Trafficking

Wedgwood Christian Services

Bethany Christian Services

Madison Juvenile Prison, Madison, Indiana

Lynnwood Jail, Los Angeles, CA

Shadow Mountain Church

Point Loma Linda University

The Professional Women’s Association of San Diego

Virginia Regional Medical Center, Virginia, Minnesota

Range Mental Health Center, Virginia, Minnesota

Vineyard Church, Duluth, MN

Blythefield Hills Baptist Church, Rockford, MI

Rockpointe Church, Rockford, MI

SoulCare Conference, Cleveland, IN

Women Alive Conference, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Breathe Christian Writer’s Conference

Cedar Falls Christian Writer’s Conference




“As a board member and community leader responsible for bringing powerful speakers to our professional and faith-based venues in San Diego, California, I’m faced with the challenge of finding the perfect speaker who can inspire, equip, and challenge audiences to live a dynamic faith in the community and workplace.  Wanda Sanchez exceeded everyone’s expectations.

“During her visit, Wanda spoke to three distinct audiences of professional women, young mothers, and counseling professionals. The feedback from each group was unanimously positive, echoing the opinion that Wanda is not only a superb communicator, but also that her ability to marry a compelling story, humor, and candor breaks down walls and pretense, so that transformation can truly take place.  We can’t wait to have Wanda Sanchez return to San Diego!”
Maria Keckler
Board Member/Professional Women’s Fellowship
Marriage and Family Café Leader, Shadow Mountain Community Church
Communications Consultant/Publisher, Vineworks Publishers


“Rarely is the complex issue of PTSD presented in a format that makes the information as easy to assimilate and the skills ready made to implement as the PTSD presentation by Wanda Sanchez.  The passion and experience she brings enables people helpers in all fields to effectively diagnose and treat those with PTSD who can then go on to enjoy healthy relationships, and live productive lives.”
Sam Beals, MM, MA, CFRE
President & CEO
Wedgwood Christian Services

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