Facing Fear


Well, here goes (gulp). My first official blog post, on my first official blog. Who’da thunk it?

With my book coming out soon – my publisher and writer friends tell me that I need to be more active on social media. Hence, the blog. And let’s face it – this blogging thing is quite the hit nowadays. So, here I am!

But it never fails that seconds after I think about writing this blog, my anxiety explodes like fireworks on the Fourth of July. Ok, well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I DO feel dread. And cold fear. And that’s no exaggeration!

Truth: I grapple with fears about my writing. 

I’m a former hermit who valued privacy and solitude above all else for the majority of my 50+ years, and today I’m pulling back the drapes, throwing open the windows and letting you see who I am. So yeah, today’s significant for me.

Today I am ready to own my message and tell you I have important things to say.

I invite you to listen in because I believe the things I’ve learned are significant. We all share the same struggles. If God can coax a middle-aged (but pretty darned cute) self-avowed hermit into the world of social media, imagine what He can do for you.

This moment has been a long time coming, and I fought it with everything I had–especially for the last four years of my life.

The Pointer Sisters said it better and with more soul than I ever could; today I’m officially coming out–I’m coming out of hiding.

If you don’t know me personally, allow me to leave you with a glimpse of who I am:

  • Above all, I’m a Christ follower. When I say that, I mean I have on-going daily conversations with Jesus (God), and pretty much every decision I make happens only after I’ve spoken – then listened (or tried to listen) – to God. Cover to cover, I believe what the Bible says, even the parts I may not like or fully understand.
  •  I’m honored to be the daughter of some of the best people I know — my amazing parents. They made me the very grateful eldest sibling to eight of the most amazing humans walking the planet. My nieces and nephews (over 20 of them now) have taught me many things over the years – but mostly how to love like I never knew I could.
  • Grandparents. One of God’s biggest blessings is the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren. I had THE best grandfathers EVER, and my grandmother is still a beautiful, sweet woman who is finally letting people wait on her a little bit now that she is 90. I want to be like her when I grow up — to have her grace and her energy!

Today I’m inviting YOU to join me on my journey. I want to share life-changing (and at times, fun) things with you, and I am excited to learn valuable things from you too!

I have a question for you… and if you would be so kind and answer the two questions as honestly as you can. Comment only on the subject matter please.  Please put your answer below

As I mentioned earlier, I struggle with fear regarding my writing (and other things too). What’s one thing you find yourself struggling with? And how do you handle your fears?

Thanks for your patience as this blog takes shape. And thanks for stopping by! I’m hoping you come back often.


19 thoughts on “Facing Fear”

  1. I struggle with control…I sometimes think I know better than the Creator of the Universe!!! Yes…I said that…I’m admitting to that fact! BUT the cool part is, He is full of mercy, forgiveness and grace, and gently nudges me into my place…right onto His lap. He lavishes me with love and understanding and He lets me know that His ways are best, I just need to trust Him!!! I’ll bet I’m the only one that struggles with this…you think???

    BTW…your blog is awesome, and YOU are awesome-er!!! Love you!!!

    1. Hi Amy!

      Thanks for stopping by to read my first post!

      Control is a hard one. I can tell you that you are not alone! It’s hard to let go of some things – to come with open hands and heart and be willing to leave it in His hands and know that He will take care of it. Those moments are so rich now that I’ve learned WHO He is and how much He loves me! I’ve chosen to trust that He is able to keep me safe in the moments when I feel as if my world is totally out of control. But God is so cool, isn’t He? I find that I need a constant reminder that God’s GOT me. He has my back.

      Please stop by again – and if you don’t mind, share the link to this blog with friends and family. You are in my prayers, Amy!

  2. I struggle with trust. So many that I have trusted have let me down. Especially those within the church. I tend not to trust the very vocal Christians.

    I take my fears to God. I wait and see a lot.

    1. Hi Sharon,

      Thank you for reading the blog and taking time out to respond. Trust. Ewww. I know, that certainly isn’t anything a serious writer would put out there in public… but you know… ewww. Trusting people is always hard for me but God is teaching me how to do this thing right. Praying for you, sweet Sharon.

  3. First question: I struggle with trust.
    Second question: How do I handle my fears? I ask God for guidance because alone my fears get the best of me. I am a work in progress.

    1. Hi Gwen!

      As I just responded to another commenter – trust is such a hard thing for me. And fear is a close second. The ONLY answer that I have is GOD. You are doing the only thing that has ever worked for me… GOD. What I KNOW is that He loves me more than anyone ever could; He invited me to come and rest – and He CANNOT lie! We are all a work in progress- and I’m honored to be on this journey with you.

  4. once you find out you’ve encouraged someone, you’ll be over the fear.I go to jesus with my fears////no place else to go. Mostly, I don’t know how bad it is towards the end, to die from a brain tumor.I have to trust that GOd will carry me through that too.

    1. Sandy! Thanks for commenting on this post. You are such a great writer and I’m so glad that you read it! I feel so very grateful that I met you in Muskegon – know that you are ALWAYS in our prayers, and that I will pray for God to give you comfort and peace for the months ahead. You are a blessing, Sandy. And you are loved by many. He WILL carry you…

  5. Dear Wanda, Having known you for quite a few years, I praise God for the healing and transformation He’s done in you. Congratulations. As per your questions, my fears are feelings of inadequacy in whatever it may be. I go through so many panic attacks until I finally turn to God for help. I stress myself out so bad that my hair starts to fall out and I can’t eat or sleep. Finally I start to quote scripture over and over in a frenzy like a broken record until I accomplish the task at hand. Once I’m done I then begin beat myself up for being so stupid for panicking until the next time then I start the vicious cycle all over again. This sometimes is a daily thing.

    1. Hey, I’m glad you read & commented! It always amazes me how much we are all alike! Anxiety is no fun…especially if our default reaction is to try and avoid the feelings. Its that avoidance that worsens the anxiety quicker than anything. As a friend, my advice is to keep pressing in. A daily struggle with an issue like this can be exhausting and the self-loathing that follows is such fun! I will remember you in my prayers, Maria… He CANNOT fail!

  6. I struggle with anxiety, which is a close relative of fear, but slightly more uncomfortable. :o) Anxiety and fear are from the enemy and prayer is our greatest weapon against both. I am learning to put my trust in the Lord but when I am under stress I am at my weakest. I thought when I lost my husband, I lost my balance, but God is the great “balancer.” I will pray for you, my friend, and you keep me in your prayers. I am so very proud of you.

  7. Imagine that! We are thinking about similar topics. One fear is that I spend my days in waste. I do many things to navigate my fears. 1. Rest in them. This rest keeps my heart tuned into God and what he is saying to me. If I spend my time struggling against my fear, I don’t seem to hear him next to me or feel him holding me from drowning. Richard Foster I his book called “Prayer” has many good things to say about rest. 2. Sometimes I step into the fear. For example, if I fear someone’s rejection, I press hard into God, and then jump toward the relationship not away from it. I’m very cautious when I do this because I feel so exposed and vulnerable but as a daughter of the King I’m gaining confidence.
    That’s the quick and dirty from me to you sweet and dearly loved lady. So glad you are doing this. The beauty that has emerged over these few years is radiant. Hugs and tears as we both step forward in being released from fear.

  8. Thanks for sharing your heart, Wanda. My fear? Aging poorly, with no one to care for me (besides Jesus, that is). I handle my fear by reminding myself of what God says in The Word: He didn’t give me a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love, and a SOUND mind; HE takes care of the widows, and, that I’m to be transformed by the renewing of my mind. You, know–that kind of stuff.

  9. Wanda,

    Congratulations. Blogging is no small decision, and I respect your courage and openness. I can hear you speaking as I read your writing. What a gift. I can’t wait to read more.

    To answer your questions, I struggle with fear every single day. One thing? That’s tough (there’s such a long list). If I must pick one, though, it would definitely be my kids. How much I love them scares me. Their vulnerability scares me. My role as their mother scares me. Wondering if their early years with a mom struggling with PTSD will effect them later on. Wondering if they’ll make it to college. Wondering what kind of world our generation is leaving for them. It goes on and on.

    How do I deal with that fear? On my face before The Lord thanking Him for the privilege and marveling that He allowed me the honor of being their mom. He has a plan for them– knowing that helps. I also know the profound healing God has done in me. He’ll do it for them, too.

    Ultimately, if I hand it all over to Him, His goodness overrides my fear, leaving me with His peace. What a joy to know Him.

    Love and encouragement to you. 🙂

  10. So thrilled for you to be on this extraordinary journey! Can’t wait to enjoy more of your wit and wisdom!

  11. My dearest sweet Wanda. I love being on this journey with you. I cannot wait to be a part of your “new” journey. I know first hand how utterly paralyzing fear can be and coming from a place of being completely paralyzed from a massive stroke I literally had no choice but to walk through the fear. The one thing I struggle with is me….constantly self doubting myself. Whenever I struggle with the paralyzing fear (and I do)I know I can conquer it…..taking a deep breathe and facing it head on. Prayer + action!

  12. Great first blog! I look forward to reading more. I can relate. I use to be more quiet and reserved. Now I seem to have so much to say, and share 🙂 I think a lot of that does come from the age we are now! Love it!

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