Whenever someone asks me what I’m all about, my answer always comes back to one word: hope.

Much of the life I’ve lived could be defined with the word “hopeless.” I’ve struggled on the edge of despair, clinging to that word hope, but that word was always defined by my relationship with God.Hope kept me alive and pulled me from day to day.

But the greater truth is that the God of hope was carrying me.

Talking about that hope is the reason I’m writing and bashing my way through learning to blog and write–so I can share my hope with others.

The God who rescued me relentlessly pursues you too because He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

I write because I don’t have a choice. Something deep inside me compels me to tell others that God came after me when I thought I was a goner. He swept me into his arms and rescued me.

So here I am, world. Writing books and traveling the country sharing my struggle of faith, of rescue, and God’s love letters to all of us.


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