Just a little over three years ago, that person was me And even though I knew God loved me, the symptoms of my post-traumatic stress disorder drowned out His voice.

Love Letters from the Edge is a unique devotional that provides a voice for millions of women who have experienced trauma and long to hear God’s words of love and compassion. Echoing the laments in the book of Psalms, the meditations in Love Letters begin with a woman’s honest honest letter expressing pain to God and conclude with God’s tender words of love and mercy.

Love Letters from the Edge offers offers compassion and a voice from those struggling from trauma and life’s wounds while pointing them to hope and healing in Jesus and providing tools to help people better understand trauma, mental illness, and post-traumatic stress disorder.


“Only those who have suffered are truly able to understand the suffering of others. And only those who have experienced God’s grace and healing are capable of sharing it with those who need it most. In Love Letters from the Edge, Shelly Beach and Wanda Sanchez have written a beautiful, honest, and gut-wrenching book bringing beauty from the ashes of their own personally painful stories.”
Kathie Lee Gifford, The Today Show 

“This book is a gift. In over twenty years of women’s ministry, I have met a lot of hurting women who have needed a resource like this. I’m thrilled to be able to offer them the rich truth found on the pages of Love Letters from the Edge.”
Jill Savage, CEO of Hearts at Home, author of 9 books including Real Moms…Real Jesus and No More Perfect Moms

Love Letters from the Edge is a welcome addition to the spiritual journey of healing. Let us pray that many will experience the gift within these pages.”
Dr. Alveda C. King, Executive Director of African American Outreach, Priests for Life


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