I’m a trauma survivor.

Not long ago, I was living on the ragged edge of hope. I’d pursued a lifetime of treatment and therapy for trauma symptoms, but I didn’t understand that treating trauma symptoms without treating trauma itself is like treating the symptoms of cancer without addressing the deadly disease itself.

Several years ago I sought outpatient treatment that totally changed my life. So profoundly, in fact, that therapists who’d known me before treatment began to ask me to tell my story of hope and healing. I soon found myself sharing my story in mental health clinics, with medical communities, and among people-helpers who work with the traumatized and wounded.

Today my friend, colleague, and co-writer Shelly Beach are co-founders of Our consulting services have been endorsed by The Gathering on Mental Health for the Church which convened in April of 2014 at Saddleback Church. Our first book, Love Letters from the Edge: Meditations for Those Struggling with Brokenness, Trauma, and the Pain of Lifewas also recommended. Today, Shelly and I offer perspectives on post-traumatic stress disorder and trauma-informed care in medical and mental health settings, prisons, churches, camps, and other professional and faith-based settings across the nation.

We have been endorsed by counselors and mental health professionals who specialize in trauma, who oversee outreach to populations of the broken, and within the faith community. Our blog at receives thousands of hits from people across the globe who are looking for information, hope, and referrals to mental health professionals. We thank God for the growing opportunity to use our experience to increase understanding, sow hope, and point people to treatment options.

PTSDPerspectives offers resources and information that provide a foundation for people who wish to know more about what it feels like to live with PTSD and where to find help. We are often a first point of contact for those who have never shared their stories.

Trauma is not a problem experienced only by veterans or the physically and sexually abused. To learn more, visit and download our FREE eBook The Truth about Trauma. You will find the link on the homepage of the site in the bottom right corner.


  • One out of four women will experience rape in her lifetime.
  • One out of ten women will develop PTSD in her lifetime.
  • Twenty-five percent of patients who have experienced cardiac arrest will develop PTSD.
  • One in ten children will continue to suffer symptoms of PTSD a year after a traumatic accident.
  • PTSD is associated with miscarriage and difficult births.
  • According to Dr. Beth Robinson, the overwhelming majority of foster and adoptive children have experienced trauma that will result in PTSD symptoms.
  • In a 2009 study, the National Institute on Caregiving linked trauma to the chronic stress that many caregivers experience.

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